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WiFi, 4/5G, Starlink installation for individuals and companies

Wifi, wireless - What is it ?
Wifi (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless technology that allows you to connect to the internet without having to connect your computer or mobile phone to a cable, which is annoying and unaesthetic, and to connect two devices together, as in the case of wireless printers, cameras, etc.
Is the Wifi of my box accessible everywhere ?
The Wifi of your box is accessible inside your home near the box, however if you live in a large house the reception limit is quickly reached (without an amplifier or relay antenna), and even less on the outside .
4g / 5g fixed How does it work ?
A dedicated 4G router with a SIM card and a data plan (private or professional) for a "fixed 4G/5G Internet access" The "fixed" means like a "fixed Internet connection" (e.g. adsl!).
External WIFI antenna ?
A quality installation recommends the installation of an external antenna for a stable and quality signal.
Carte SIM & packages 4/5G
4/5G router packages are numerous and all operators offer very affordable deals
with DATA packs of more than 100 GO ! WiFi Cannes advises you on the best choice !
Hotspot - Captive Portal - What is it for ?
Captive portals are a technique of forcing clients to display a home page (usually for authentication purposes) before accessing the Internet.
HotSpot why have one ?
Hotel, restaurant, etc. Offer a simple and secure internet access to your customers.
In the context of the provision of an Internet network connexion to the public, the law requires the professional to record connections.
In case of misuse, you are legally covered !
What are connected objects? ?
It is an object that has the ability to connect to a communication network (Internet of Things (IoT) via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4/5G mobile internet network...) and can, depending on the case, receive, store, process and transmit data, receive and give instructions to operate.
Which connected objects are most used ?
Sockets, light bulbs and other lighting. Smart watches - smart TVs - connected cameras - thermostats - smart alarm systems (smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, water leakage etc.) and also the new Internet home automation !
Connected home automation - What is it ?
Connected home automation objects make everyday life easier and improve the comfort of your home. You can control your equipment with dedicated remote controls or switches, but above all by smartphone and also remotely via the Internet !
Connected home automation - Who is it for? ?
Connected objects are a great step forward: they make home automation known to the general public, democratize it and implement functions that improve daily life. The prices are much more affordable than before and the installation does not require major work, you can also start simply and make your installation evolve over time.
CPL - What is it ?
PLC stands for Power Line Communication. This technology makes it possible to use the electrical network as a means of transport for computer networks (Internet, LAN). It is especially complementary to other types of connection such as Wifi, which makes it possible to reach an area that Wifi cannot access, or an area that is too complicated to wire with Ethernet.